Getleft 1.2

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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Download websites to access them offline"

With Getleft you can store websites on your hard disk for later viewing without having to keep your network connection active. This program, which also integrates a kind of FTP client for uploading files, downloads all the contents of the website whose URL you enter so that you can consult it locally whenever you want.

When saving a website you have the possibility to download all the contents that are part of it or, on the contrary, to obtain only the files that interest you by applying the appropriate exclusions. The program will download the website based on the number of levels you previously entered and convert the links so that they can be used locally. You will also have at your disposal the site map of the portal in question.

Getleft has an additional module that works as if it were an FTP client. Using it you can upload files to your own server.